Sports Club TRIATHLON FOR LIFE trains at the Sports Complex 2000 (Military,District-6,the Aragonite-area /semi-olympic swimming pool) and the Sports Complex Lia Manoliu (District-2,near National Stadium /Olympic pool). The club will also organize training for running and cycling at both locations.
Training is for every age, children and adults.
Club members will receive discounts on both subscriptions and upcoming competitions organized by our club.
We will form age groups:
Kids/ Cadets/ Juniors/ Seniors (adults), depending on age and skill level…
Group assignments will take into account where athletes live so members can train at the complex that is closest to their home…
Subscription rates:
Triathlon Kids: between 300 and 400 Ron /month (depending on age and skill level …):
– For athletes between 14-18 years who cannot swim, subscription is 400 Ron /month, and for those who already know how to swim subscription is 350 Ron / Month
-For athletes between 7-14 years who cannot swim subscription is 350 Ron /month, and for those who already know how to swim subscription is 300 Ron / Month
-Triathlon for Adults: 500 Ron / month, 550 Ron / month for adults who cannot swim
-Personal Trainer: 50 Ron/ session (for those who want to work out with a personal trainer)
-For swimming beginners or to improve swimming, subscriptions will be between 300 and 400 RON / 12 sessions (depending on age and club membership)
In winter, 6 workouts /week for both adults and children (3 workouts Swimming / 2 workouts Running / 1 Cycling Workout + triathlon specific workout). Training will be organized in groups, morning and afternoon in kids /cadets /juniors and for adults…
Swim training will be done in an indoor pool, and the running,cycling and strength training will be held both outdoors and in the gym (treadmill and stationary bike),depending on the weather,age and skill level of the athlete … (coaches will decide after evaluating and monitoring each sport …)
In Spring, close to racing season the training program with intensify, especially for athletes who will be selected to participate in legitimate competitions …
Sports Complex 2000
-Swimming: Monday / Wednesday / Friday morning between 7-11 A.M., 15-17 P.M.
-Running: Tuesday / Thursday morning between 7-11 A.M., 15-17 and 19.30- 21.30 P.M.
-Cycling + Triathlon Power Training: Saturday from 10 A.M. to 12 P.M.
For adults:Running Training will be held at the Dinamo Youth Athletics stadium Special track, and once every two weeks on treadmills in the gym of the “Sports Complex 2000″(to adjust tempo and other techniques…),
Lia Manoliu Sports Complex:
-Swimming: Monday / Wednesday / Friday classes 14-15 P.M.
-Running: Tuesday / Thursday morning 8-11, 13-15 afternoon, evening 20-21.00 / 30
-Cycling + Triathlon Power workout: Tuesday 9-14

Run will be held on the running track at the Lia Manoli sports complex (near the National Stadium)