Club members receive a discount on both subscriptions and sports events organized by us.

Parents who are members, along with other members of the club (not subscription) will be invited to attend a free training weekend, specifically outdoors under the guidance and attention of our coaches.

Membership fee 150 RON/year
Participation (Optional) as volunteers in future competitions organized by the club.
How to become a member:
Send an e-mail to with your name, phone, e-mail and a picture (optional). Pay the Membership fee of 200 Ron, valid for one year, at:
– RON account number: RO96BACX0000001174568000

<< Money collected from member fees will be allocated for equipment and for the training of children or orphans who want to do triathlon but do not have financial support.>>

You can also use accounts for donations;

EUR: RO69BACX0000001174568001
USD: RO42BACX0000001174568002
Triathlon Sports Association For Life, UniCredit Tiriac Bank