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What is Triathlon?
Olympic triathlon: 1.5 km swim, 40km road bike, 10km run on asphalt.
Olympic distance triathlon fast (sprint): 750m swim, 20km road bike, 5km run on asphalt.
All of Triathlon part Duatlonul and Aquatlonul
Duatlon: 5km run on asphalt, 40km bike, 10km run on asphalt.
Aquatlon: 2.5km run / 1km swim / 2.5km run (the national championship)
These distances are for seniors, children are much smaller and increasing with age and rating: children / cadets / juniors.
Off-road triathlon: – Contest is conducted almost entirely in natural surroundings with a journey over rough terrain; usually used bike cross-country and trail running shoes for running. Some contests offer routes with significant height differences and distances vary depending on the degree of difficulty proposed by the organizers. The most famous off-road circuit trialton Xterra circuit is 1.5 km distances of swimming, 30km mountain bike and 11km run (trailrunning).
Half Ironman (70.3) is part of the long-distance race: 1,9km swim, 90km road bike, 21km run on asphalt.
Ironman – although the worst of the samples triathlon, the kind of competition with increasingly more followers. Competitors must complete 3,8km swimming, 180km bike and 42.2km run (marathon) in the final sample.
In recent years have appeared dedicated racing tracks and distances children adapted to their ages – from 100 to 750 m swim, bike 5-15km, running 1-5km., And sample para-triathlon for disabled drivers. This type of race involves attending a sprint distance triathlon (750m swim, 20km bike and 5km bike manually activated wheelchair travel).
It is a sport which consists of three sports special and different but complement each other perfectly in a formula that shows the complexity of triathlon.
It is a sport that is not routine and gives you freedom to succeed propriu.Trei disciplines, which implies a special effort, for which Triathlon is considered one of the hardest sports and one of the most beautiful and special that keep you close to nature and outdoor exercise.
Triathlon covers the types of motion that any doctor would recommend to all persons regardless of age, which helps you develop harmonious and healthy, which gives you longevity.
History of Triathlon:
The first forms of triathlon dates from around 1920 when France emerged a few competitions combining the three disciplines – swimming, running and cycling. At that time the competition is called “Le trois sports”. These competitions have evolved to the modern form of triathlon which appeared in 1974, the first event of its kind organized by the San Diego Track Club, California. The event brought home 46 competitors consisted of a run of 10 km, 8 km cycling and swimming 500 m. Over the next decade, triathlon popularity continued to grow and quickly gained worldwide recognition.
In 1989 he founded the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and in the same year, it organized in Avignon – France first World Championship Triathlon. Official distance triathlon was set at 1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running – distance taken from existing competitions in these disciplines already in the Olympic program.
In 1991, ITU launched the first season of the World Cup circuit. Twelve races were organized in different nouătări and their number increased in the following years, with the popularity won by this sport.
Subsequently, triathlon made ​​its Olympic debut at the Sydney Summer Olympics 2000 From this moment, the triathlon has become a popular discipline with recognized competitions that bring home thousands of participants. There are currently over 120 national federations affiliated to ITU.
In Romania, triathlon is a relatively young sport, but became very popular in recent years. Number of practitioners Sectional triathlon clubs has grown tremendously, and if in 2008 there were only two triathlon competitions in Romania and dozens of exhibitors for this year are announced over 10 such events with hundreds of participants.